Paolo Maggini Modelホワイト バイオリン


Master Copy Violin Giovanni Paolo Maggini 1620 マスターコピー  Unvarnished Violin 白木バイオリン/ White Violin Giovanni Paolo Maggini 1620 Higly Flamed Maple Back 材料の良し悪しが直に出る白木の バイオリン。

良質の素材から更に厳選 した15年以上自然乾燥したスプルースとメイ プル材を使用。

本体は、手造りによる丹念な工房製バイオリンで、音質的 にも妥協を 許さない本格的な高級バイオリン仕様です。

Giovanni Paolo Maggini (c. 1580 - c. 1630), was a string maker born in Botticino (Brescia), Italy. Maggini was a pupil of the most important violin maker of the Brescian school, Gasparo da Salo. The instruments made by Maggini at the end of his career were his finest. They are known for the quality of the woods and unusually large sound holes (which are well curved and carefully finished), as well as for their exceptionally mellow tone. Many are ornamented on the back with such decorations as the St. Andrew's Cross, a clover-leaf device, tableaux, medallions, crests, or other motifs. Varnishes varied from a clear brown in his early efforts to a more brilliant transparent golden or reddish-brown color of rich quality in later instruments. The typical late-model Maggini has a double row of purfling and low sides. *沖縄・離島の配送につきましては、大変恐縮ではございますが 送料無料ではなく、受注完了後 に送料2000円を 加算させてい た だきますのでなにとぞご了承下さい。

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